Memo Week 15

To: Karen North

From: Yuhua Wang y.w.

Date: April 25th, 2017

DSM 510: Memo Week 15

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Snapchat GeoFilter: Design your own filter

It’s already graduation season, in order to celebrate our graduation, my friends and I threw a graduation party. We would love to add more spice to this party and we found that right now Snapchat allows us to create our own geo-filter.

On snapchat official website, a geo-filter can be easily made and purchased. Snapchat offers an online geo-filter creation tool that allows users to create it online. It also allows users to upload their own design to snapchat. There is a kit that users can download which teaches users how to create a geo-filter on their own including the size of the filter. After I download the kit, I followed its instruction and created several filters.

After that, I submitted my filters on the website. When submitting it, it allows me to select the time that I want people to use the filters. I also choose the area that this geo-filter will appear. After all of those being set, Snapchat allows users to purchase for their design. The minimum price is $5. After successfully submitted it, Snapchat will need to approve the design. The design has to be original illustration. If the design contains any unauthorized artwork, Snapchat will not approve it.

Launching this geo-filter on demand services provides more users using Snapchat and including it as an party/event essentials.

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