My first makeathon experience — prototyping both in software and hardware in 24 hours (without sleep :D)

Team Members: Xiaoyu Ji, Bingran Guo, Luxi Chen, Ying Wang

For people who have a health condition like obesity, information about food can be important. Quantifood is developed to help people make healthy lifestyle choices at home or on the go.

*This project is finished in a Makeathon event within 24 hours.

The Problem

Living a healthier life has been one of the biggest task for modern people, while food tracking is of paramount importance. However, we find out that there are several problems with existing food trackers.

Popular fitness bands like jawbone UP or Fitbit helps people track what they eat. The problem is, these wearable devices can not tell exactly how much users eat. They can only tell from average numbers. This creates huge deviation in results. For example, an apple can weigh from 100g to 200g.

Other food trackers in Appstore like MyFitnessPal are very complicated. Users may have to input a lot of things they don’t even know into the application in order to get it work.

The Solution

Quantifood is an iPhone case with a weighing scale. It can be used for weighing fruit such as apple, banana, orange or snacks like M&M’s or brownie. By using Quantifood, people are able to know the weight of food exactly therefore track them more precisely. Also, iPhone case is something people carry around everyday, so there is no additional efforts.

With the Quantifood app we designed, the weight of food will automatically sync to iPhone. By linking to nutrition database, Quantifood can tell the exact nutrition value of what people eat. With Quantifood, people can keep track of their foods and have a healthier eating habits.

Interface V1.0
Interface V2.0
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