What I value most (specially where i used to work)?

With respect to my professional work, I have following values:

Trust: In order to work with a common goals and motives, each member in an organization should have trust between each-other.

Relating this to my professional work, where I used to work as a scrum master. One of the project’s ownership was given fully to me, which I felt that I am the one who is trusted by the team to lead the project and this motivated me to work even harder in an organization.

Time: Working as a scrum master, one of the major job role was to conduct daily scrum meeting which must be time-boxed. The whole team members discuss about what tasks were done yesterday and what will be done today. If anyone was late in an office, I used to consider him/her as absent.

Meeting Deadlines: One of the most important thing that everyone must focus is to meet the deadlines. The deadlines are totally committed to the clients. Meeting deadlines is so important that it reflects the organization’s way of working, commitments, promises, quality and sincerity towards work to the client.

Leadership is about influencing people around them. People are influenced by the behavior of the leader, on how he/she takes an action, dedicates time and attentions on certain things (Kouzes & Posner, 1995).

Leaders should focus on what is important in order to take an action or meet certain goal. For an instance, if there’s a problem in understanding the scope of the project between clients and the team members, a leader should focus on calling for a meeting between both the teams. In this condition, a leader should schedule a meeting time with proper agendas which is flexible to both the team. While in a meeting, on which agenda a leader is discussing, grabbing attention and focus and spending time the most- has the top value (Kouzes & Posner, 1995) .

If, there’s misunderstanding with the client, a leader must spend his/her time with the client wisely for building a good rapport (Kouzes & Posner, 1995).

My professional value relating with my current and past employer’s values:

Trust [aligned]: (Sorenson, 2005) states that the trust brings reliability, clear and open healthy discussion between the members. In my organization, we have an open and healthy discussions while planning, delivering and leading the projects. Doing this creates a good bond and trust factor between the team members as well.

Time [aligned]: Everyone in an organization must know the value of time. To us, the one who is not on time, is an absenteeism. The absenteeism bring different issues in an organization, like- issues with budget, production, lack of employee satisfaction and motivations to work (Buschak, Craven, & Ledman, 1996).

Our team members are very punctual to attaining meetings, daily standup and other programs in our organization.

Meeting Deadlines [overlap]: Working as a scrum master, meeting deadlines is one of the challenge that I face most frequently. We used to keep buffers and extra time lines with the client but, anyhow we always missed deadlines in past projects. Although, the team members have a good trust and punctuality aligned with each other. The reason I think is because we underestimate the project complexity.


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