What leaders must have. Leadership = Relationship?

Relating this article with the Five exemplary practices that are identified and described by Kouzes and Posner:

1. Model the Way

Just making the commitments and promises does not make someone simply a leader. A leader should accomplish on what he has committed and promised to and must lead by an example. A leader can take decisions but also should acknowledge on others responses too.

There are leaders who have set an excellent example like Alexander the Great. He did not just inspire his followers simply by speech, rather he knew that if his followers risk their lives, he has to do the same and prove to lead his troops.

2. Inspire a Shared Vision

A leader should have a great vision and goal that inspires people to follow him/her. He/she should be loud and clear about his vision to change and inspire the followers. One of the greatest challenge that leaders face is to keep all the followers on the same page so that none of the followers gets distracted or questioned on the common goal and vision.

We can take an example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr as he was considered as a man of destiny. He created a vision, a dream and inspired people to be on the same page to fight against racial discrimination and non-violent social change (Lee, 2006) .

3. Challenge the Processes
 A leader should always be ready to face the challenges. Most of the challenges that leaders face is to bring changes in the processes that results into positive output while keeping people’s priority higher than the process. While challenging people to do innovative things, a leader should always motivate his/her people. 
 Florence Nightingale had a dream to serve people and mankind as a nurse, even though nursing profession especially for women was not taken as a respectable profession that time. When war broke out at Crimea, she along with her friend Sydney Herbert went to Crimea to train nurses (Florence Nightingale Biography) . A true example of a leader as how Florence Nightingale challenged and changed the perspective of how society used to think and disrespect nurse profession, especially to women.

4. Enable Others to Act

A leader should always motivate peoples to take an action and make decisions on their own. In order to give a chance to act, a leader should also always listen to other’s view points and aspects as well.

We can take an example of famous actors Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya as leaders who mainly focused on motivating people to act on their own. Specially, in activities which has been creating negative impacts in the society (Revolvy) . Their famous movie “15 Gatey” is about enable people to act against inter-caste marriage through entertainment.

5. Encourage the Heart

Motivating team members by appreciating them for the tasks they have done is one to the best way to boost and encourage team members. A leader should always praise and appreciate his/her team members for the job they have done.

I worked in an organization where we used to celebrate after we completed the project on time. We used to appreciate and reward the team members who were involved in the project. By doing this, the team members were very much motivated and positive changes were seen in later projects. Also this inspired and challenged other team members to complete the projects on time too.

A leadership is also about building a relationship among the people. In order to lead, a leader must ensure that every team member is on the same page, same picture and share common goal and vision towards success. Authors (Kouzes & Posner, 2012) mentions that leadership is a relationship between those who choose to lead and those who choose to follow. A success in leadership is defined as how group of people work together with common goal and vision.


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