In Desperation

By Jean Fan

Dead animals.
Lifeless on our plates,
Splattered on the highway,
Darting on the “outside.”
On the news,
Because of each other,
Thinking but harming.
They’re everywhere, and nowhere
In people’s minds.

I care.
I don’t care.
I can’t care.
I should care.
I’m helpless.
They’re there.

So it goes.
We’ve killed them,
In our special human way.
But they’re us. And we’re them.

Miles of human convenience.
Or carelessness.
Or carcasses.
We’ll be one. But now
We’re not.
There’s hope.

Do you have a plan?
Because we need a plan.
We need one.
We need many.
We need thinking.
We need noticing.
We need doing.
We don’t know what we need.
We need to fix this.
We’re going to fix this.

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