Top 7 Items on Cassava’s Weekday Breakfast & Lunch

some of the weekday only menu items: pork ribs, cornish hen, endive & 6 min egg salad

Weekdays are a little bit calmer than the weekend brunch times, and there are weekday only menu items; a great reason to plan a weekday lunch date at Cassava! Have you had these delectables recently?

Open Face Avocado Egg Sandwich

on Semifreddi’s Country Levain slice, harrisa aioli, avocado, arugula, sunny side egg. Also, adding some bacon is a killer option.

Cassava’s Continental Breakfast

Butter croissant from Semifreddi’s, house made yogurt & granola, sous-vide poached egg. Dip the croissant in the perfectly runny soft egg for the maximum deliciousness. Side of avocado always adds the extra satisfaction.

Japanese Breakfast

in photo, pickled bean sprouts, simmered wakame & shirataki, natto, daikon miso soup, aonori sesame furikake on brown koshihikari rice, shio-koji marinated roasted Chinook salmon, sous-vide “hot spring” egg in dashi

Japanese Breakfast is our signature dish for the day time for sure. It’s brought us many stories. Still one of the most ordered item throughout the week.

Veggie Rice Bowl

Veggie bowl is a weekday only menu item, so make the trip during the weekdays.

We are not at all a vegetarian restaurant, but when we made this dish it just so happened to be vegan (if you didn’t add the poached egg). Squash and other seasonal veggies are roasted with olive oil and sea salt, and that goes over rice with avocado and our pesto. Definitely filling and you feel great after eating it. Read what SF Weekly said about it here.

Meatballs in Curry with Rice

These meatballs are made with ground beef and tofu as the binder, resulting in a softer and juicier texture, yet feels lighter than traditional meatballs. Ask for a sous-vide poached egg for the mouth watering flavor combo.

Barbecue Pork Ribs with Roasted Potatoes

3 bone-in pork ribs that are so tender that you can pull out the bones with no effort. Currently potatoes are roasted with brussels sprouts from Half Moon Bay with peak of the season sweet flavor.

Fried Egg & Avocado Sandwich

Unassumingly, this sandwich is a loaded protein galore of black forest ham, turkey, avocado, white cheddar, and of course that egg. Yet the pesto is so fresh and Semifreddi’s deli white bread so great that after filling you up it leaves a really clean feel. Great to bring for a walk in the park as the bread holds well and flavor still awesome after it cools down a bit.

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