>Reservations (anything can be changed):
-Ladurée Bonapart (st-honoré place) 25/02 13:00 (3 people)
-Home party or something with your friends? 25/02 diner
-Maybe we see your friends ~ 26/02 lunch (or we can go to the Brasserie du Louvre for a saint-honoré if you didn’t when you got here)
-New Jhelum 26/02 21:00
-Carte Blanche 27/02 13:00
-Sur la braise 27/02 20:00
-Le resto 28/02 13:00
-Un dimanche à Paris (chocolate spice place) 28/02 21:00 (awaiting confirmation)
-The beast 01/03 12:00–14:00 no reservations (but can deliver)

>Restaurant informations:

Ladurée Paris Royale

16, rue Royale 75008 Paris France

95 Rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris France

88 bis, avenue Kléber
75116 PARIS

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