It was on sunny Friday afternoon when I have decided to visit National Musuem in Ermita, Manila. The experience was superb since I got to see such old paintings, memorabilias, sculptures, etc and that made me appreciate art and the artists of the Philippines. Looking through the paintings in the museum is very inspiring and makes people honour the filipino art. While roaming around the museum, I have taken 8 pictures of the paintings that stands out for me the most and when i first saw these paintings, I can easily convey the meanings of it. It may be the real meaning,it may be something that I can relate it to real life situations, or it may be just how i understand it. (Photos below will be in order ) First painting is “San Policarpio, Obispo Y Martir” by an unknown artist, the materials used were oil and linen. How I convey this painting is to relate it to real life situations because sometimes even if you are good or bad, especially if you’re the boss,or anything that’s superior, there will still be people who will backstab you because of jealousy, hatred or anything that is making them feel down. Second painting is the “Portait of Three ladies”by an unknown artist, materials used were oil and sheet. For me, these ladies in the painting I see them as Marcela de Agoncillo, Lorenza de Agoncillo and Delfina Herbosa de Natividad, the ladies who sewed to make the Philippine flag in Hong Kong. I salute and grateful for these ladies because without them, the Philippine flag wouldn’t be as beautiful at it is now. Third painting shown is “ The Station of the Cross” by an unknown Bohol Master, materials used were oil and panel. This painting shows when Jesus is taken down from the cross after being crucified and that is Mama Mary grieving for the loss of her son Jesus. This scene always make me feel sad and thankful at the same time for the sacrifice of Jesus because he went through hard times even before crucifying him. Fourth painting is “ El Gobernador y el Obispo” by Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo, materials used were oil and canvas. The two people on the painting were Peres Dasmarinas, he was the Captain-General of the Philippines and Salazar, a Dominican frier. In the painting, they were discussing the dispatch of the military expedition so they could free the Kingdom of Cambodia from the Siamese invaders. Also to gain the Spanish foothold in Asia. Fifth painting is “ Tinikling” by Fernando Amorsolo, materials used were oil and canvas. As you can see in the painting, this is part of their entertainment, to enjoy, to showcase their talent, and by appreciating their culture since nowadays, they way of entertaining ourselves is by using of gadgets, social medias and by watching. But in this painting, we can see them having fun just by dancing the traditional dance of the Filipinos. Sixth would be the memorabilia of Emilio “Abe”Aguilar Cruz, you can see his ID’s, pens, pipe, paintings, brushes, a book, pocket watch, and more. I think these are the things that are very important to him and the things that values for him the most that’s why he kept it and took care of it. Because us, too, we keep something what values to us and that is very irreplaceable because it has a deep meaning and a good memory of it. Seventh would be painting of Vicente Silva Manansala called “Bayanihan”, he used an oil and a jute to make this wonderful painting. Philippines is known for its social value called bayanihan , where people gather up just to help the one in need without expecting something in return. Just being able to help someone makes them feel happy and appreciated already. and I think it is still being used by some Filipinos which is good. Last but not the least, the painting called “ Rape and Massacre in Ermita” by Diosdado M. Lorenzo, he used an oil and a canvas to make this. This was a scenario back in ages where the guys just barged in houses and rape women and kill the other house members. The moment I first saw this painting actually saddened me, because I really don’t like seeing women getting raped or objectified by men, and I’m still hoping that it’ll stop or lower the rate sooner or later since it is still happening. That sums everything up, those were the paintings I chose for my blog because i find it all spontaneous and very catchy.

San Policarpio, Obispo Y Martir by an unknown artist
Portait of Three ladies by an unknown artist
The Station of the Cross by an unknown Bohol Master
El Gobernador y el Obispo by Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo
Tinikling by Fernando Amorsolo
Memorabilia of Emilio “Abe”Aguilar Cruz
Bayanihan by Vicente Silva Manansala
Rape and Massacre in Ermita by Diosdado M. Lorenzo


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