I’m really hooked on UNIQLO

In San Francisco, it’s so much colder than I expected. Foolishly, I don’t have a jacket so today I went shopping around Union Square to buy a jacket.

I read “Hooked” by Nir Eyal. This is a book about attracting people to our products. In the book, he explains “triggers”.

There are two kinds of triggers — external triggers and internal triggers. The external triggers come from the outside, such as ads and suggestions from friends. This is how we start using a new product. The other kind comes within ourselves, that means, our habits itself are the internal triggers. For exapmle, you always open the facebook app before you think about it.

Well, you see the point, right? Actually, I used to go to UNIQLO when I was in Japan. That’s why I ended up going to UNIQLO after I saw its banner.

On the way back home, I regretted this uninteresting choice a little and I realized how strong the habits are.

Next time I go shopping, I’ll be looking forward for a different trigger ☺

今日はオフの日だったので服を買いにUnion Squareのあたりまで行きました。


来る途中のバスではNir EyalのHOOKEDを読んでいました。


外的トリガーというのは友人からの紹介や広告といった外から生じるもので、僕たちはこれをきっかけにそのプロダクトを使い始めます。 そうしてプロダクトを使っていると、次第にそれが習慣になり、自然とそのアプリを使うようになります。これが内的トリガーです。




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