Meeting a cutting-edge product in town

Last weekend, I found something strange on a table when I dropped into a cafe in Palo Alto.

A box like in this picture said to download an app. I thought it was an ad, but actually I could use the app for ordering and paying in the cafe.

I quickly downloaded the app named “Downtown” and completed my order and payment very easily.

In fact, there is an iBeacon chip in the box and it transmits the table number to the app so that the waiter can serve dishes correctly.

It was fresh and amazing experience to not have someone wait for you to order, and also leave directly after eating. The only one problem was that I was doubtful if my order would get through.

When I got home I was interested, so I researched it a bit. It turns out the app was something really new that had been released just five days ago.

It was a wonderful encounter with a cool app in Silicon Valley☺

先週末、Palo Altoでたまたま立ち寄ったカフェに面白いものが置いてありました。






帰ってから気になったので調べてみると、まだリリースされて5日も立たないアプリでした。シリコンバレーにはこんな新しいサービスがたくさんあって面白いですね ☺

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