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ESL students learn English as a Second Language in a foreign country, where English is the predominant language.

My native language is Mandarin. I started to learn English when I was 10, but I don’t speak it fluently until the early 20s. My English skill was good enough to tutor Mandarin to my foreign students. A little over a year ago, I immigrated to the States and I made the decision to become a web developer.

I have heard that you can learn to code as long as you speak English. This was the main reason that made me nervous about learning programming. I was worried that my English is not good enough to learn another language, especially the language that the machine reads. …

How would you begin to learn Gatsby?

- If you consider yourself as a beginner, check this one ☞ A detailed tutorial
- If you consider yourself as an intermediate or advanced developer, check this one ☞A quick starter.
- Of course, a few youtube videos would be good too ☞ What is Gatsby?
First portfolio tutorial
- Distracted by some other youtube videos…

Ok, I spent a couple of days and did all of them. …

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Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

A while ago, I had my first mock technical interview.

During the first part of the interview, I was asked some fundamental questions regarding Javascript and React. They were simple and the answers depend on personal understanding, but I think they are worth taking notes.

“diff between asynchronous vs. synchronous”

I remember it was such confusion when I just started to code. After much research and reading document. I have my own understanding with just two sentences.

Synchronous means: In a process, many tasks are executed in sequence.

Asynchronous means: In a process, many tasks are executed separately, not dependent on other tasks. …


Yuki Yao

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