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ESL students learn English as a Second Language in a foreign country, where English is the predominant language.

My native language is Mandarin. I started to learn English when I was 10, but I don’t speak it fluently until the early 20s. My English skill was good enough to tutor Mandarin to my foreign students. A little over a year ago, I immigrated to the States and I made the decision to become a web developer.

I have heard that you can learn to code as long as you speak English. This was the main reason that made me nervous…

Is it worth spending a lot of time on a portfolio as a junior developer? I heard of different voices. However, I decided to start mine and see it as an on-going project. Oh with my passion for React, I considered Gatsby.

How would you begin to learn Gatsby?

- If you consider yourself as a beginner, check this one ☞ A detailed tutorial
- If you consider yourself as an intermediate or advanced developer, check this one ☞A quick starter.
- Of course, a few youtube videos would be good too ☞ What is Gatsby?
First portfolio tutorial
- Distracted by some other youtube videos…

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A while ago, I had my first mock technical interview.

During the first part of the interview, I was asked some fundamental questions regarding Javascript and React. They were simple and the answers depend on personal understanding, but I think they are worth taking notes.

“diff between asynchronous vs. synchronous”

I remember it was such confusion when I just started to code. After much research and reading document. I have my own understanding with just two sentences.

Synchronous means: In a process, many tasks are executed in sequence.

Asynchronous means: In a process, many tasks are executed separately, not dependent…

I used Semantic-UI for my applications. I absolutely love it. As a beginner, I was amazed to see how organized my app was.

In my Project planner application, I used Semantic-UI CDN. It’s easy and requires no download. All you need to do is insert this line in your index.html

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//"/>

After applied the Semantic-UI default theme, I wanted to change fonts for my title and headers, but I realized that to override the default setting could be really complex. Here is how I did it.

To get the title and a couple of…

Finally, have your project done and want to include a demo in your Github repo?

There are several ways to achieve the goal. You can:
- Deploy it to Heroku or other platforms.
- Record a video and upload it on YouTube.

They sound fairly easy. So I started with deploying on Heroku. Unfortunately, it took me days to learn the platform and environment and ended up not working even with peer support. After that, I spent another day planning and recording my video. I got it uploaded on YouTube. …

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I started my project using Rails 6 & React a couple of months ago. I came across so many problems while deploying my Rails API to Heroku. Some of them I solved by researching online. Some of them are still waiting to be solved.

As a beginner, I was overwhelmed with the various answers and basically tried all of them for my problems. After spending so much time, I believe it would be good to document some debugging experiences and hope to help other people in the future.

Tech/Framework built with:

- Rails 6,
- Rails credentials & Master.key …

For this blog, I am going to write about study-life balance. It mostly applies to me, as a coding Bootcamp student.

We have decided to learn to code. In the first half of the program, I studied until late, then getting up early the next morning to start my day in school. I felt tired but excited. Even if I struggled with materials, I knew that I am learning with a group of similar-minded people. We help each other learn and solve problems. Now, I think this was the honeymoon phase.

Once we got used to the schedule and dived…

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I was first introduced to the concept of destructuring when I was learning ES6 in Javascript. I admit that destructuring exists in many other programmer’s code, but unfortunately, not in mine. This is mostly due to the fact that I am used to writing long, layer-over-layer code. “As long as my project works, refactoring can wait.”

The more features we want our app to have, the more code we would write. Our project folder got larger, the code page got longer, and I started to look for simplicity.

What is Destructuring?

Destructuring is a convenient way to extract multiple keys from an object…

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“A few weeks learning Ruby, finally I moved to Rails and made some real projects!” I believe that we all have those moments of learning a new language. The reason for this article is to review Rails and its essential components when it comes to making web applications in short development time. Even if it’s been a while, you can still quickly pick it up.

Here are the basics:

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, or Rails, is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby under the MIT License. …

During my journey of learning Ruby, especially working on the project CLI application, I found myself intended to use method nil? very often, but misunderstanding nil has wasted me quite a bit time.

Thus, as a recap and for the future reference, I think it’d be helpful to write down the “true value of nil” and the related methods.

Misunderstanding: The nil value means emptiness because it does not exist??

For instance, a simple relationship application: the *user*, the *product* and the join model *review*. …

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