The entire process of building software is broken into small actionable blocks called sprints. WHEREIN an agile model, the product gets tested only in the developer computers and not on the prod systems and also the developers and operations team, work in a separate environment.

DevOps has become a buzzword that means a lot of different things to a lot of people. It is just a software development strategy(not a tool, not a framework, not a technology and also not only a job role) which bridges the gap between the Dev(developer) and Ops(operations) side of the company. It solves the…

Data is now the most valuable resource in the world, beating out oil, according to The Economist. The human brain has much harder experience in understanding data that is complex and has numbers and text encoded in it when comparing it to the visual graphics. Data, when displayed in graphics, is usually easy to grasp and decision making, pattern developing becomes faster. Charts, graphs, maps, dashboards — data visualization can help identify issues and deficits, choosing the best product and business operation strategy, forecasting sales volume and stock prices, fine-tuning project management, and resource administration, and so forth.

Data visualization…

Oh, I got rejected again! The sentence itself hurts. It really does. That feeling when you’ve been punched in the gut? That’s real. There is no fear greater than the fear of getting dismissed, denied or refused. Rejection never rules, nor at that time anyway.

What we often do not understand about rejection is that it is often simply for just a short period; sooner or later we are going to overcome it and is somehow helpful, or a simple course-correct. The problem with rejection is not the rejection itself, just the fact we cannot understand the greater plan behind…

The two-dimensional structure of invisible rows and columns that hold elements of a design or a webpage together.


Grids can be utilized as a structural foundation for a website, can enhance website look by allowing to create a stronger layout for HTML elements.

CSS Grid allows you to make HTML into what it was supposed to be; Markup of content. Not visuals, which belong in the CSS

It is easier to understand and write than positioning & floating.


To make an element exhibit grid properties enclose the element within a container i.e …

As the previous blog post said (read it here), It’s important to have an online resume for oneself as a big industry or companies have their build websites; this blog can be easy to read a piece which can help evaluate any business website, apps or other online products. After all, it is a very competitive time for the digitized world and you should make sure the displayed websites, products are well easy to consume, interact with a good look.

UI/UX: UX designing refers to user experience, while UI designing refers to the user interface. …

Statistics came out a few years ago about how the first thing 80 percent of people do when looking for local businesses is fire up their browsers and head online to do a search. Pretty amazing, right?

How can this relate to you?

Your job, online resume plays a very important role in it. Every single passing day the world is becoming more of online and that trend will continue in future “DIGITALIZED WORLD”

It is becoming the first choice of any user to search for a person or place to find them in one go and learning more about…

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