How does the address bar change in different search engines?

The address bar in my chrome browser

Have you ever tried paying attention to the address bar in the search engine after searching with certain keywords?

The address bar is located at the top of the webpage and we can type the address of the site that we want to access.

Let’s go to different search engine websites, search with certain keywords in the search bar (not in the address bar), and see how the address bar looks. For convenience, I used a search keyword of the name of each search engine.

  1. Google

Very simple. We can search with different keywords by modifying the next part of #q instead of searching in the search bar again.

2. Bing

Longer address than the previous one, but we can find easily where is the search keyword in the address bar.

3. AOL

The search keyword is located in a little later part.

I also looked at two main search engines in China and South Korea.

4. Baidu (China)

Very long

5. Naver (South Korea)

Similar to the AOL’s address.

Like these, the different search engines show different search addresses. I took one step further to count the number of characters in excel.

Used len() function to count the characters

Baidu has 252 characters, Bing has 122 characters, and Google has the least number of characters in the address bar.

I can’t tell what caused this differences because I have basic programming skills. Anyway, Google is the best search engine by far in terms of simplicity even in the search address.