Homesick girl

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of such blogs, and there are some points why.
1. I like to choose my own way of describing my feelings. Sometimes one photo or quote can do it in the best way. 
2. I like to express myself in a specific way. Mostly, it is the records on my phone, which are too personal for the public.

But now I am amazed, that I can improve my English in this way. That’s why I will try to use new vocabulary and idioms. 
I am a bit homesick. That’s why in today’s post I’d like to tell you about my town.
Sometimes I think that is even smaller than a bean. There are no many cafes or public places for hang-out or chill-out. But there are two things, which I love.

  1. Historical heritage
    My town is 352 years elder than the USA. It is located in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast in western Ukraine. A long time ago that was one of the multicultural places. That’s why here you can find Ukrainian, Polish, German and Jewish heritage. Some buildings look old and attractive.

2. Mountain
It is located near the Carpathians, so it’s so thrilling to see the landscapes all around. It is hard to imagion better decoration for the town.The most popular mount at Kosiv is Ostryj. The biggest plus of it is you can see the whole town and even more from there.

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