Women don’t get funded.

I keep meeting with VCs who keep on telling me I need a larger proof of concept for my ideas. I don’t get it. I’ve raised close to $1.75m in revenue (not net, the net is obviously smaller). Acquired more than 4,000 users while having a demanding day job. Yet still not funding. I did this with a team of three and we all worked full time while pulling off this endeavor. Then I see guys with no proof of concept, getting funded to launch an idea from scratch. No one asks them for proof of concept.

I try to be super optimistic but when you see a 24 kid getting his app funded with out a proof of concept, and he’s never even launched anything in his life… it’s really frustrating.

I’m really exhausted after spending a whole year fundraising. It takes me away from my product and maybe for women it’s just a giant waste of time. I saw it with startups and now that I am doing a huge festival I see the same thing with brands. I even spent time speaking to other women who’ve built festivals focused on diversity and women and they share similar stories. It’s really hard to get brands that even advocate for women and diversity to invest in our projects. Nothing that we do is ever taken seriously. We can have the biggest idea in the world but we are still not seen as power players.