Reflexion on tubs, life and life in tubs

The mystery of life is what should keep all of us intense. Alongside with that mad drive to figure out the purpose of being alive and being exactly where we are now. Many would say something about coincidence or God’s will, but don’t you want to be in charge of everything that is happening? So do I. Therefore I find some of the existential concepts pleasantly logical. Life is a total mess and absurd, indeed, yet everyone still has a whole bunch of options to choose their destiny *not necessarily by playing Mortal Kombat, you guys*.

Although I do not cross off fate from my list-of-possible-things-to-blame-for-particular-situations. Yes-yes, I know what you will say, I can not have it both ways. But the thing is that..I can. I believe in fate, but I believe even more in efforts, volition and common sense.We are free to make any decision which seems to be right at the moment and still consider fate to be responsible for bigger stuff. Sometimes it strikes how many random choices it took to meet a soulmate or how lucky were we to be or not to be at some places. Not simultaneously, of course (hello, Mr. Schrödinger, how are you?).

Truth be told, I am not an admirer of endless philosophical cogitations. They make me feel mentally raped. And every time someone claims that there is no such thing as time, I want that enlighten unorthodox thinker to leave me alone with my fossilized cavemen beliefs. Cutting down the sarcastic part, I assume spending time (or whatever they call it) thinking about eternity to be the most unmeaningful thing to do. No wonder Diogenes lived in his tub.

All I am saying — get down to your business, my friend, and may the fate be with you.