Taking Economics Courses and Reading Health books

I started taking the economics courses online recently, this is something I’ve almost wanted to do for years but wasn’t really determined enough to start and stick to it. I am quite determined this time, and I set up goal to finish certain course videos every week.

After a few years out of school and in the workforce, I started to be more and more curious about how the economics and the society works and how we as individuals take part in it and be impacted, and am curious how we could take advantage of economics if we know it well enough. I feel like this is such an important lesson/knowledge one should have. It’s certainly going to draw a different perspective in our value system as well, as we are knowledgable in different fields. And I really like challenging myself in a whole new area after reading the Mindset book from Carol S., that’s why I have so much determination this time. I wish I’ve taken economics classes in college, but it is not too late to start learning now, never too late to learn! We have such finite time in our life, we must not regret that we haven’t really done many things we want to do and explore areas that we are curious about.

https://www.khanacademy.org/ is amazing as it has many of the basic courses for free. I also take courses in https://www.coursera.org/ as well.

At the mean time, I also started reading books about aging and healthy eating. I ran into this book at Amazon, Aging face Aging mind, it starts the scientific perspective, and explains how chemical interaction happens at the cell level that causes us to age. Understand why and how we ages is the first step before we take actions on it.

I also got the kindle book of 10 days green smoothie recipe, it starts with how to remove toxin from our body to be healthier and live longer. Very interesting idea and easy solution, going to try it out!