Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods
Chris Messina

Apple is disrespectful of people’s actual needs. They use user experience design in order to navigate their user base into new waters which they then can acquire. The journey is not about good user experience. Instead slightly better than average user experience is used as a tool for attraction. Honestly, if Android offered the same level of security, grandmother-proof user patterns and sustainable device updates plus the extra freedom, then why would I go for yet another iPhone? It is just not there set. But we are closer than ever.

Slightly better than average is the new good design mantra. User experience has been replaced by its bad twin: marketing-based UX.

Imagine a super fancy car. Let’s call it the iCar. This car is the most comfortable, has enough space for children and can actually safely drive by itself if you want it to. It is made of pure minimalism pleasing profile-crisis plagued people as well as lovers of good design. For the first time after twenty years. Despite that it features tires that accustom to the weather conditions and of course it can do selfies on voice command. Blazing fast electric engines, long battery life. The perfect car for almost anyone. (Start a list of comparisons to the revolution of the car market mentioning Ford, Benz and play historic Bingo during the Keynote.)

There is only one thing. It charges only at iStop stations. The fucking connector prevents you from charging it at universal chargers.

Most of your needs are satisfied to a degree never seen before. Yet something sucks. You’ve been pushed into a hermetic market bay and you have no way out other than switching the ship.

Of course I am an Apple user. I am typing this comment on an iPad. I love this device and i am not immune to self-contradictory consumerism.

As a designer in my mid-twenties I seek for strong ethical standards in my work. Dieter Rams famous ten principles of good design totally resonate with my idea of what good design is.

And then I update to iOS 10. Suddenly a huge 1/6 of the control center is dedicated to the connection with an Apple TV. I feel mistreated and betrayed. It is only one example of bad design choice in favor of self-marketing.

In conclusion Apple is not a good design company. The end does not comply with the means. Design is abused for capitalist ideals. So is customer satisfaction.