2015 in 10 images and 350 words

2015 was about courage and drastic changes in life.

The same story applies to my adventures in music photography. If you decide to stick around and check out the images along with the words that I jotted down, while putting together the top 10 images of 2015; you will understand how these photos symbolize changes in my perspective on life, me getting over the fear of looking behind the scenes, opening up to people, and asking for help.

I’ve spent many years focusing my attention inwards. Last year, one of my goals was to start looking outwards. With a change in perspective, I was no longer a spectator on the edges of my life peering in. Instead, I forced myself into the center of it, because I finally realized I was allowed to have fun. We are all allowed to have fun with our creative self-expression and ideas.

“[We] are allowed to PLAY. [We] are allowed to treat it all like one big, crazy, hilarious experiment.” — Ash Ambirge to the rescue.
The Black Keys (left) / Interpol (right)

2015 was less about overthinking, and more about acting on ideas I had in mind. Those ideas that made my skull feel too small for my brains, and made my ears ring. So, I stopped caring, because it was time to have fun. It felt bizarre, yet liberating. I stopped giving another thought to stepping outside of my comfort zone and started talking to people about things I wanted to do.

Each of the images represents a story. A story about curiosity, a story about bravery, a story about traveling, a story about life changing events. All are stories that made 2015 a happier year, full of adventures and creativity, and a state of mind not suffocated by worries about others judging my point of view. Behind each image is a whole different world of people, new friends, new opportunities.

Photography teaches me how to slow down, and to remember to breath, when things get out of control. It inspires me, teaches me patience, makes me comfortable with my weird self, and of course makes me smile.

Thanks for sticking around… and Welcome, 2016!