Top 3 Chaat Walas in Delhi

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When you hear about chaat you loose the voluntary control of your taste buds. The love for chaat by Delhiites is just above any limit. The hara chutney, tamarind chutney, curd or dahi, and masalas all poured over the dish containing crunchy paapdi & gol gappa (some call it pani puri in Mumbai) makes the Delhities go extremely crazy. People of Delhi travel distances distances only to relish some exclusive chaats from some old age stalls.

Let us also go through the top three of them -

  1. (Shree) Balaji Chaat Bhandar

Some call it Radha Swamy Chaat Bhandar, if you want to taste the diversified desi flavors you should definitely hit Chandni Chowk once and try it here. The shopkeepers here order tea time chaat from this shop. They have a very special meeti chutney, which is made by kachalu, this strategy makes them stand out of the crowd in chaat walas in Delhi.

2. Prabhu Chaat, Shahjahan Road

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It is said that it is the most popular chaat stall in the whole Delhi, with a unique nickname of Upsc chaat wala. They started serving chaat from last 28 years. The spicy aloo tikki with mint will make you melt down. They also have a delicious tamarind chutney which is a must try. They also serve Pista Kulfi topped with Faluda. The queue begins early in the morning way before the chaat bhandar starts that is at 12.

3. The Raju Chaat Bhandar

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They offer the best amazing Bhalla Papari Chaat in the whole city. Besides this they have the perfect mixture of chutneys and masala in their gol gappas. I personally found the cost to be very considerable with respect to the taste.

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