Top 15 tips to write a Resume

If you’re applying for an internship or a job vacancy, you need a resume. In this blog, I will highlight some tips to make a good resume that can help you to get your dream job or internship.

What is a Resume?

A resume is a structured, written summary of a person’s education, employment background, and job qualifications.

What is the purpose of Resume?

The purpose of a resume is to generate interest and invite you for an interview with the company. In other words, your purpose to write a resume is to create interest — not to tell readers every little detail about you.

CV or Resume?

CV is curriculum vitae, the term used instead of resume in some professions and in many countries outside the US. Resume and CV are essentially the same, although CV can be more detailed.

Top 15 tips to write a better Resume

  • Use short phrases instead of whole sentences.
  • Avoid using I, which can sound repetitious by the time you identify your skills and achievements. Instead, start your phrases with strong action verbs.
  • Give links of your project, just make a small working video of your any project (it can be course/semester project) and upload it to YouTube.
  • Use active statements that show results. For Example:

I was in charge of customer complaints and all ordering problems. (Weak Statement)

Handled all customer complaints and resolved all product orders. (Active Statement)

  • Try to make an online presence. Make an account on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and add same profile information on each account. Upload a Professional picture of your own. Add profile links of these account on your resume.
  • Mention your scholarship achievements and award-winning.
  • Always save your CV with your name and in PDF format. Never send your CV in .doc format.
  • Don’t add irrelevant space in your CV to fill the page. Use space wisely as needed and make 1–2 pages CV.
  • Mention your grades with education only if you have attained flying colors.
  • Make a YouTube channel and upload frequent videos on it. Videos can be related to any course, any problem you encounter. Share the video with your friends. It will be added as an extraordinary skill in your resume, contributing online to 2 million people. Have a look at my YouTube channel and get some ideas. Here is the link. I upload videos of my all mobile apps, semester project, any new technology, and all vlogs.
  • Mention your open source contribution, or volunteering experience, if any. Do mention your tutoring experience, if you ever give tuitions to junior or your class fellows, mention it.
  • Mention your Freelancing work and Freelance profile links.
  • Add links of your online portfolio. Adding links shows your online presence and gives your performance outlook. You can make your portfolio for free here. Have a look at my portfolio to get more idea. Here is my portfolio.
  • For programmers(Computer Science):
  • Host all your projects online.
  • Maintain your code on GitHub or BitBucket. Share your every project on GitHub. It will show your working progress. Make frequent commits on your project. Whenever interviewer visits your GitHub profile, he will see that you’re working. Add a description of each repository. Like this:

Professional CV Template

Here are some templates designed by me. You can download them and edit according to your needs.

Useful Resources

Here are some useful articles.

Need Help?

If there is anything I could not clearly explain just let me know pals. I tried to be as honest in sharing this valuable information as I could. I have shared almost everything I have learned so far. You are free to use these tips and make changes according to your needs.

Do let me know how much did this post help you in making your minds clear and in guiding you to the straight and correct track. Peace and blessings buddies. :)

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