What do you do for a living? ーSometimes people ask me this question and I stammer, not because I work in the States unlawfully of course, but because it is difficult to make people imagine what I do in one word.

So… my title is Innovation Facilitator (sounds fancy, isn’t it??). I have been supporting corporations (mainly Japanese) to develop their new service based on the idea of design thinking and UX. I think my work is a mixture of being a facilitator and a Design Thinking consultant.

Our projects usually start with an inquiry. Our business managers will consult with a client and they give me the project outline. I feel that many clients have trouble reaching new service ideas, which would be valuable and ask us for help. Some clients come to us with their aim to increase the amount of creative thinker for sustaining their prosperous businesses. …


Yu Namie

Service design facilitator with design thinking / Passionate about design for social good

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