I’ve never been so discouraged by love.

Throughout my high school years it’s been rough but I had yet to feel an accumulative sadness like this.

11 months I’ve spent on him.

It’s drained and filled, and drained again my happiness

In a repeated cycle on my quest for short- lived bliss.

I’ve committed something like mental suicide by keeping him in my life all this time.

Making the same mistakes twice, he’s become a vice in my mind.

My life has been fighting for him to see that what’s best for him has always been me.

But he never seems to concede.

It has drained me completely, to the point where I no longer see a reason to be.

I’d cross the seas for you, _____ , but for me? You wouldn’t do a thing.

See, I know to you I mean something, but your pride blurs the reality.

With his ugly game, I’m truly done playing.

And I won’t be coming back this time for my personal well-being.

You must let me free for I need to finally breathe,

You’ve done your damage now let me be,

His scar on me will live on for eternity,

And I can only hope that he might remember me.

Yours Truly,