Thinking about what to express in creating a digital story about my life or an experience in my life is something I tend to wrestle with. During this summer I was fortunate to grab a jump start to digital story making and story telling with the President’s Emerging Scholars Program. Within this program, I had to opportunity to experience dorm life on campus while learning how to create a digital story about ME, and so I did. I chose to talk about my childhood and me being a heavier kid during adolescence and the critical stages of teenage development and how I decided to make a change to my everyday lifestyle through exercise and sensible eating. However, in writing and creating this next digital story I am aiming towards expressing my struggle as a high school student really wishing to attend the University of Minnesota and how I was very fortunate to be accepted and the steps I will take to be successful as a student at a prestigious institution that the University of Minnesota has proven to being. In deciding this topic I want to connect with others alike who may feel they are not suit for the U or wherever they maybe attending because in the beginning and somewhat partially now, I would feel that this university was far too good for me and that I felt as if I was not in the right place. Yes, it took a lot for me to be accepted here after being put on the waitlist for a very long time and I will have to out-work many if not most students here to be successful because I am the underdog and I want those that hear my digital story to sympathize with me in some or many areas of their lives. In gathering information for my digital story I want to use dialogue and some images from my past year and a half or so to support my message within my story. I may have trouble gathering enough images and/or videos to create the story but utilizing my emotions with my experience will better my process for creating a proficient digital story. For devising research questions to my ethnography or auto ethnography portion of my story, I can rely on my topic and asking others similar to myself and my situation and there own feelings/experiences. Questions such as “How did you feel about the U in terms of fitting in and feeling that you were good enough to be a student here or that this was the right place for you?” I believe stressing open ended questions such as this and recording others who feel or felt similarly to me will provide the best information for creating a great story.

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