“When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the calmest. Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on” — LL Cool J. Adversity is seen sports all the time, and you have to overcome it. Your opponents in the game can be a true sense of adversity, but major factors can play a part. things like biased referees, the weather, lack of playing time, and the injury you have can really affect you. It’s not about how much adversity you are facing and what’s affecting you, it’s more about how you deal with that. This applies to everyday life too because when you are in school there may be that teacher who doesn’t like you or the kid that picks on you. By playing your sport, you are able to learn how to overcome that adversity that you face in your life.

To overcome that adversity that you are facing on and off the field depends on how tough you are mentally. If you have that sense of mental toughness you won’t let the factors affecting your performance affect you. If you are mentally tough you look at the adversity that you face and see it as temporary and correctable. It’s seen in football a lot, but in baseball players it’s very common for a hitter to get in a batting slump. Those players that are mentally tough understand that the only thing that can be done is to keep practicing. If you have trouble hitting a certain pitch you practice hitting that type of pitch and then you get out of your slump per say. This is true in everyday life also, you go to school and you have that teacher that you don’t like and you want to switch that class. The true athlete who learned how to overcome that adversity in sports will see it as only temporary and won’t let the bad teacher get to them. If you are able to overcome that adversity you face with the teacher you have, then the sports you played have paid off.

I have been playing football since I was able to walk. I’ve faced adversity when it came to coaches, other players and opponents I’ve faced. The biggest piece of adversity I’ve had to overcome was when I transferred schools my senior year of high school. That was a difficult time for me I knew I would have to overcome being the new kid on and off the field. I learned over time through that adversity was only temporary and when I overcame it I would succeed. I knew that I was going to face adversity on the football side, but what I wasn’t prepared for was what happened in school. The days leading up to the first day were the hardest for me I was always thinking are the students, teachers, and administration accept me. I had to give off a really good first impression if I wanted to succeed in the new school. What I learned from football was to always take a second and look at what hurdle I had to overcome to succeed. That played out in school because transferring from an all boys catholic school was a huge transition in its own. I took that second I looked at my situation and I was able to overcome that adversity of being the new student.

Different life experiences on and off the sports field, have taught me when you are trying to accomplish a goal you are going to be faced with serious adversity. It takes many different forms of adversity like injuries, opponents, harsh critics, and bad coaches for you to be able to succeed. You have to overcome all of these setbacks on the sports field to be successful in life. Once you are able to overcome adversity in the sports world it’s going to translate to the real life. That’s why playing sports such as football have a huge impact on you and how you turn out later in life,

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