There comes a time in everyone’s life when they don’t know the limits of their own self-control when in relation to sports. Everyone has been in the situation when the opposite teams player looks to start a fight with you and you give in. People ask the question why give in when you can just keep walking and get the next play per say. The reason people don’t just walk away are they can’t look soft, you feel like you have to get right back in the other guys face and that usually leads to a 15-yard penalty. Getting that 15-yard penalty doesn’t seem that bad at the moment, you’ll just make the yardage back up the next play. That may not be the case in real life situations when a guy walks by you and he says something you don’t like, you end up taking a swing at him and beat him senseless. You most likely will get some jail time, and that’s not something you can just make up when you get out. That’s why sports teach you to have that self-control and not get back in that person’s face and get the penalty. If you can learn to walk away in sports more early on in life than it will help you in the long run.

People have always said the reason people don’t have self-control because it’s easier to give in to what’s pissing you off at the moment then to take a second and look at the situation you are in. Having that sort of self-control for student athletes is key. They have to be able to have that self-control to not want to knock the kid out that calls you out in class for being soft. If you do get into that fight with the kid you will most likely get suspended or even expelled, depending on the fight itself. That’s where the self-control you get in football comes back into play. If you take a second to look on what’s going to happen, if you get into the fight and get expelled there goes your football season and maybe your college career. Not having that self-control to stop yourself could ruin your whole entire life you have to be able to stop and look at what’s going to happen.

Having self-control when it comes to playing sports has always proven to be the most difficult for me. I was the player who never shied away from conflicts after the play was over. There have been certain games when I got unsportsmanlike conduct called on me. I would always try argue it but in the end I knew I was wrong. My coach at woodlands high school would always tell me to stop getting into it with everyone during the game, or it would hurt me in the long run. His words played out to me when during the first few weeks of school a kid in school tried to challenge me, and at first I knew I wasn’t going to back down. However, I thought of what my coach told me and I realized if the whole fight would have escalated I would have most likely been suspended and missed two critical game of the football season that year. Looking back now on that moment if I would have gotten into the fight it would have ended up on my record and I would have been suspended during the season. Who knows what would’ve happened with recruiting for college and so forth if I had not stepped back and had the self-control to walk away.

Athletes around the world and in every sport say you gain life lessons from playing. The main one you get and learn to develop is self-control. It may be considered the main most important value that you can develop. If you’re able to develop this skill it will help you get along way in life.

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