How Oneplus Lost Their Luster

Around mid 2014, after having our daughter, my wife decided that I had been such a great and supportive dad, that I should be rewarded. Naturally, I also agreed. She decided to get me a Oneplus One (OPO) because it was all the craze at the time. Initially, she had planned to sneak-buy one through a friend of mine, but the plan fell through and I helped her purchase it.

Because we don’t live in the EU, or US or Asia, (we live in Trinidad and Tobago) I had to purchase the phone, ship it to the US, and then bring it to my country. It arrived without much fanfare, and I was ecstatic to finally have my phone in hand. Initially, I noticed that I was missing my on screen buttons when ever I tried hitting them, but then I read about the touch screen issues that other users had been experiencing.

The situation only worsened over time, and soon enough, my device was plagued with ghost touches as I was typing or navigating apps. Oneplus and Cyanogen promised patches and updates to fix screen issues, and there were moments of respite, but, my experience with the device was always plagued with one issue or another, including radio problems. A cracked screen rendered the bottom quarter of the screen dead and it proved to be the nail in the coffin.

Eventually, I bought a Nexus 6, a device I had longed for, and bid adieu to the troubled Oneplus One and my horrid experience. Since purchasing the OPO, the company has released the Oneplus Two and the X, but neither of them has made me bat an eye. I’ve been burned and I’ve learned my lesson. I will not purchase anything from the company, and I will wait longer before getting in bed with a new company.

Oneplus lost a lot of momentum since their heyday of late 2014, early 2015. Many supporters, myself included, have abandoned them for greener pastures as a result of their sub-par quality and customer service. They had so much promise, but, alas, they didn't get it right the first time, and now they are paying a costly price.

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