The Grind.

By Kenny Mullen

I’ll be short and sweet with this one… this topic has to be discussed.

1 thing’s for sure, 2 for certain and 3 is conclusive;

  1. Your grind will always pay off if you are on it the right way.

You reap what you sow, you get out what you put in. If you work hard daily and grind hard daily you will see results in the end, that’s a fact.

2. Your grind will always expose you.

You get out what you put in. What you put in will be obvious and will be shown to the world. You can’t hide the work you have or haven’t put in. What’s done in the dark eventually always comes to light there no way around that. I’ve learned to love the grind, to accept it, embrace it, and strive in it everyday. I don’t have to talk about my grind at all! My head is down, I’m focused daily on my grind.

Demonstrations speak loud so I’m not saying much…Nipsey Hussle

3. The grind is a marathon not a sprint.

Nothing happens overnight. You must push and pull at your goals everyday. As long are you’re in motion you’re doing more than 90% of population. As long as you are getting better everyday and you are in motion your grind is paying off. The grind is slow, but it’s forever. If you’re like me, you have the mindset that you’ll be on the grind until the day you die. Constant consistent daily improvement is what it’s all about. If you aren’t getting better you’re getting worse. Nobody ever got rich overnight. Anything created for success takes time. Look at your grind, at life in general, as a marathon, each day a new lap, and keep running, getting stronger as you run. Don’t expect to wake up tomorrow and be right where you want to be in life, instead, wake up tomorrow and push to be where you want to be in life.

There are 3 type of people in this world, those who talk it, those who walk it, and those who live it…

Those who are all talk are a bluff, those who walk it may be walking the walk, but that could also be a bluff, but you can’t deny the man who lives it. When the grind becomes your lifestyle, you’ve won in life, because you’ve accepted the road to success is going to be lonely and difficult, but you’ve made it apart of your life. Success is much sweeter when you live for the grind. That urge to keep going even when it gets painful is what give me adrenaline. It doesn’t matter if you’re a janitor or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, when you learn to love and accept the grind for the beautiful beast it is, you’ll destroy any obstacle you’re facing, and you’ll win in life. Get on your grind and run your marathon.

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