Tunnel Vision

By Kenny Mullen

In a world full of temptation and distractions how could one stay focused on the task at hand? I could say it’s easy, keep your head down a just keep grinding, but that’s a lie. Truth is no matter what anyone says, everyone has to look up in order to see where they are going.

If you want it you have to see it with a clear eye view…

I walk by faith and not by sight. Your sight will get cloudy on the road to success, especially when you are on your journey by yourself, such as myself. What keeps me going though is knowing that although that cold and lonely road is cloudy, I have faith in my works and progress that I am moving in the right direction. I deal with temptation and obstacles every day, but I somehow manage to stay in motion on my journey. I’ll admit I’m not strong enough to just eliminate all distractions. I try to, but something as slight as social media takes my focus from time to time. With that being said, I never let my distractions completely consume me or knock me off of my path. Don’t misinterpret what I just said though, it isn’t healthy to take those bad habits with you on your journey, you just have to learn when it is time appropriate for such distractions. Some might say there is never time for distractions, but just imagine only having the task at hand in front of your face all day, would you still have the same passion for it?

I thought I loved the game of football, until I was forced to eat, sleep, and shit football. It took my passion away as I realized this isn’t what it used to be for me anymore. Now I get the pleasure of training football players, which I don’t do all day everyday, and my passion for it just continues to grow. But I see that passion in my eyes when I look myself in the mirror and I see it with a clear eye view and that is what makes me continue to perfect my craft in what I do.

I am passionate about a few things which require 80% of my time. Some people close to me might say I’m spreading myself too thin, I say I’m stretching myself thick! You see, when you have tunnel vision on the task at hand, you know a clear eye view on what you want to do, and a passion and drive behind it, there is nothing you can’t do! Don’t expect anyone to see your vision the way you see it, it isn’t for them to see and understand! God gave you and you only the vision that you have so never let anyone tell you that your vision is foolish, impossible, impractical, or illogical. Remember nothing is impossible with tunnel vision. Some times you just have to take your time in perfecting the craft you are up against. Time is of the essence!

Let me tell you a story my mentor put on me this morning,

A father was teaching his freshly turned 16 year old daughter how to drive. He took her to the highway to learn how to drive, it was raining, in fact storming badly! The daughter asked her father, “should we pull over? It’s really bad out,” as they both looked alongside the road to a bunch of cars pulled over waiting for the storm to pass. Her father replied, “keep driving, just slow down.” As they continued to drive, maybe 3 miles down the highway they noticed the storm had stopped, the sun was shining! In the rear view, they saw that the storm was still happening behind them.

The moral of the story is that as long as you’re in motion, you’re already ahead of 90% of population. It’s okay to slow down on your journey, just never stop moving. Tunnel vision will always allow you to see your dreams, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll block out all of your distractions, but seeing specific verses seeing abroad will put you where you’ll want to be every time. You have that direct focus on what you want to accomplish instead of seeing your goals and everything else around it.

The Book of Eli…

One of my favorite movies. There were many distractions that could’ve prevented actor Denzel Washington from accomplishing his mission. Some distractions slowed him up, but never stopped him from moving. On my journey, I plan to move as such, never stopping my motion! If you want it you have to see if with a clear eye view. With tunnel vision and passion, your dreams are both reachable and achieve able. Although so far I’ve accomplished a lot on my journey, creating a brand, two companies and working on a third, I am not even close to my destination, I will continue to walk on my journey, I will never stop moving and I will always have Tunnel Vision on my path, walking by faith and not by sight! Follow my journey on my social media pages: Facebook Kenny Mullen/ Unique Skills Academy Twitter: Yungtune_1 Instagram: _un1que_1, uniqueskillsacademy, un1quemanagementgroup