Distributed Cloud YunFS


Most technical books when talking about the design and implementation of a system are almost hard to understand and boring. A reader need concentrates his energy on reading those hard technical books without distraction. Though the reader may finally gain knowledge from the book. However, he need pay more time and more energy for reading.

When I decide to write this book to introduce the YunFS, avoid boring and keep it simple to read becomes the most important target. Let us remember the time when we are in children, we learned the words by using cartoon pictures and stories. With those interesting cartoon pictures and stories, we learned the language step by step.

This book fulfilled with many cartoon pictures and stories when describing the background, design and implementation of the YunFS. Wish you feel happy when reading this cartoon technical book.

The Brief Description of the YunFS

The YunFS is a cloud storage based Distributed Filesystem, which has some important features.

  • Bases on a Distributed Framework that can provide complete dynamic and modular design, it is easy to install, remove, start, stop a module with the CLI interface. This Framework provides an automatic code generator. With an IDL file, all necessary files are automatically generated in a second, it is easy to develop a new module for the YunFS.
  • Provides the REST service that can create, add, remove, read and write files of the YunFS. Any other third online web services can access the YunFS by following the REST service.
  • The files are stored in a hierarchal directory tree and support streaming read&write, which can’t be provided by the AWS S3 Cloud Storage
  • As a Complete Memory Filesystem, the blocks of the disk are managed by using the Memory Management Technologies. The blocks on disk are treated as memory blocks.
  • The disk blocks are directly stored on the Cloud Storage, and there is no traditional volume concept.
  • Adopts the concept of Bitcoin’s Block Chain. A huge disk file is split into many small pieces of files. It is unnecessary to request for getting a large file from the Cloud Storage.
  • Distributed data consistence, the YunFS is designed as one leader and multiple followers. Only the leader can have the read, write, create and delete privileges, and the follower only has the read right. Because the followers are independent of each other, so the performance can be linear growth. With the more followers, the read performance can be much better. To deploy the YunFS followers with the nearest policy, the end user can benefit from the nearest service, which is very attractive.

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