Recently, I had a discussion with one of my friends upon two games, GTA V and Destiny 2. In the discussion we debated about why he likes GTA much more then Destiny, or OverWatch. There has been lots of back and forth, but by the end we concluded on the reason that GTA is a much more real world than the other two games. Going further, it brings several advantages:

1.Common knowledge

Common knowledge allows the player to get into the game immediately. The knowledge itself can come from different background. Like in GTA, it is very close to real life. Or like in SuperMario, the game has a long history so most of its players know the basic moves of Mario. These common knowledge lead the players directly to the story, or the gameplay, without extra time for educating them on control or common settings. A lot of players are not as curious and patient to complex and uncommon game mechanics, so they will prefer the easy way, and want to enjoy the content of the game. …

Last week I had been playing Yidi’s game which is his assignment of freedom. I’m not saying I got addicted, but the game was pretty fun and engaging, and it did give me some thought about the industry.

The game is called “You”, and you could easily download it here:

It will only take you 3 minutes to get the idea of this game: Shoot, fly, and survive.

Three things this game made me think of: The real fun in game versus its market value; The fun being a tester of others’ game as a designer; One important property to be a good game designer. …

Board games is one of reasons why I became a game designer. Different from board games in Europe/America, board games in China is still a small industry (in comparison with video games). You might wonder why it has such a small market occupation and share, just like I did. So now I’m going to take you to a detailed look into why it’s like that, followed by how it looks like now, and where it is going to.

1. History — Board game history comparison:

To be clear, let’s separate the history of board games into two periods.

Before Monopoly was invented, board games was in its “old time”. Most of them are chess games in various forms, and poker card games with different rules, plus some dice gambling games. In this period, with a long history, China does have lots of high quality board games, such as Go, Chinese Chess, Mahjong, Sic Bo, etc. Some of the games are so classic and popular that even now a lot of people play them very often. …

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