Recently, I had a discussion with one of my friends upon two games, GTA V and Destiny 2. In the discussion we debated about why he likes GTA much more then Destiny, or OverWatch. There has been lots of back and forth, but by the end we concluded on the reason that GTA is a much more real world than the other two games. Going further, it brings several advantages:

1.Common knowledge

Common knowledge allows the player to get into the game immediately. The knowledge itself can come from different background. Like in GTA, it is very close to real…

Last week I had been playing Yidi’s game which is his assignment of freedom. I’m not saying I got addicted, but the game was pretty fun and engaging, and it did give me some thought about the industry.

The game is called “You”, and you could easily download it here:

It will only take you 3 minutes to get the idea of this game: Shoot, fly, and survive.

Three things this game made me think of: The real fun in game versus its market value; The fun being a tester of others’ game as a designer; One important property to…

Board games is one of reasons why I became a game designer. Different from board games in Europe/America, board games in China is still a small industry (in comparison with video games). You might wonder why it has such a small market occupation and share, just like I did. So now I’m going to take you to a detailed look into why it’s like that, followed by how it looks like now, and where it is going to.

1. History — Board game history comparison:

To be clear, let’s separate the history of board games into two periods.

Before Monopoly was invented, board games was in its…

When I’m writing this blog now, I’m listening to Floating Across Water, a piece of BGM in HoMM4 (Heroes of Might and Magic IV). I love this song so much, I even love it more than the game. I’m not saying I don’t love this game. The fact is, this game itself has half positive review and half negative, whereas no one ever said a bad word to its music. It is definitely the top product of the series, even the industry. …

Why do people like Chinese RPG

We all play many kinds of games. And there must be some of them are with some special memory and moments. The most special ones to me are Chinese RPG (let’s just call them CRPG). Everyone knows what RPG is, and what makes CRPG special is, culture.

China has thousands of years of history and culture. As a result, unlike games in other regions, Chinese games have one very unique feature: Most of them are using ancient legends or history as part of the world outlook. It could be either characters, monsters, or maps…

Within one day of the LABO announcement I was inundated with its news. I mean the video specifically. I saw it on friends posts, social media, game websites, classmates, even in Sports news, and from my girlfriend who studies polymer science… Though she told me that was because she thought I would think it iscool. So the question is: is LABO cool?

I would say yes, absolutely yes.

1. LABO is Cool

One year earlier, when I was chatting with my best friend, I mentioned my thought (as a person without experience in VR) that: “What if your controller is not something in a…

Yunhao Li

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