Journey in Switzerland — the first time I travel alone (4)

The following day was the day I went onto Jungfrau.

The train can take people to over 3000 meters high. It is the highest station of Europe. Tourists can continue to the observation tower, where have a panoramic view of snow mountain.

There’s no words can describe nature’s creations, so all I can do is to show the pictures I took.

There’s one more advice is that do not spend too much time on the mountain. I felt a little bit uncomfortable when I ready to go down. I thought it might be not adapt to high altitude.

After a night’s rest, Geneva was my final stop. Because of the incomparable natural scenery, city view seems not that attractive to me. I just walked around and tried the Swiss cheese fondue. The fondue was full of the taste of white wine. I saw the large fountain showing rainbow under the sunshine, I felt the cozy atmosphere in the university of Geneva, and then I left the country.