“Hey I’m going to watch Captain America: Civil War tonight!”

“Aha! I’ve watched it last week. They’ve gone too far! You know, the Captain and the Solider, two against one! They……”

“Oh shut up!”

Such conversation may happen between friends everyday. Whether you believe it or not, spoiler is hard to be prevent.

For example, one of your colleague comes to you when you are having lunch and asks: “Have you watch the latest episode of the Game of Thrones?”

You are planning to say “no” but she suddenly added, “Wow, you know what? Hodor means ‘Hold the door’! And the poor Hodor……”

Whether you are willing or not, you are spoiled.

“My friend and I like to watch American dramas,” said a Chinese Weibo user @阿富汗奸细, “both of us like to wait until all episodes of a new season are released, and then watch them once. So our lives are a little bit tough — with so many spoilers around.”

“Then we come up with an idea of designing an app to take ‘revenge’ on spoilers.”

Icon of the app

“It is just an app for you to ‘help’ your ‘spoiler friends’ subscribing a notification of the main plots in many movies or TV series.”

“It is easy to use, we call it F**KSPOILER.”

Like he said, it is only takes your four steps (actually is three) to take “revenge” on spoilers —

Step one, typing in the name and phone number of the one you want to take “revenge” on, then press the blue button to continue;
Step two, typing in the name of a movie or TV series that you want to use to take your “revenge”, then press the blue button to find whether it is available, e.g. Game of Thrones;
*Translations is on the right
Step three, find it! Then choosing one of the three given types of spoiler that you want to inform your spoiler friend: 1)Who died; 2) Who is the murderer; 3) Who broke up with others, selected type is marked blue; then press the blue button to submit;
Step four, done! The app will send your friend (the one you chose at step one) the death notice (or other kinds of spoilers you chose at step three) of any character in the Game of Thrones (or any other movies / TV series you chose at step two) at the first time. You can choose either take another “revenge” or just stop here;
Then your selected “spoiler friend” will receive a notification like this:
Dear 柯南堡, your friend has subscribed the death notice of characters in the Game of Thrones. At 23:55 in the Episode 3 of Season 6, Lord M died! Enjoy you time! Auld Lang Syne!

What’s more interesting is that this notification cannot unsubscribed.

“Although it was just an idea at that moment, my friend and I was very excited,” explained @阿富汗奸细.

But what if a spoiler also uses this app to spoil their friends? After all, this app is quite efficient for spoilers.

“Yes, we later realized this problem as well. If a spoiler is using this app too, we might get ourselves in trouble.” the man seems a little upset, “so we finally give it up.”

While some people have had enough of spoilers, some are actually enjoying that.

@galaxygamerone: thanks for the spoiler that saved me from the lack of money.
@pi1925: thanks for the spoiler and now I can’t wait to see.

I often gave up a TV series halfway when I can’t take its development — like someone I loved died — and every time I did this, I was like ‘oh my god, I’ve waste my time again’. So I like to watch some spoilers before I take up a movie or TV series, just make sure that the storyline is acceptable for me.” Said Krystal, who like to be spoiled, often search for spoilers online before watching a story.

Of course Krystal is not the only one who loves spoilers. When a story is not unfolding yet, it feels like you are standing at the entrance of a mysterious forest and going to take a great adventure, which might bring you a feeling of exciting and frightening.

Spoilers sometimes can kill your curiosity of this “mysterious forest” because they’ve revealed wonderful things before you set up your journey, but sometimes they just increase your interests in details: why he died? How could that happen?

@nashaela13: thanks mom for the spoiler but don’t tell me details.

But I’d rather keep the mystery and explore it by myself, I like to watch those stories which can develop beyond my imagination rather than those which can be easily guessed,” said Yang, a crazy fan of the Game of Thrones, “For example, you’re watching a story in which the main character just quietly took all the junk from others and you believe that she will become stronger sooner or later, but suddenly she died — it might be a little bit hard to believe and might depress you, but anyway you are impressed by it.”

In order to keep the mystery, Yang will stop using social media from Monday’s evening until she gets the time to watch the latest episode of The Game of Thrones.

“Although many spoilers were led by the hashtag #spoiler alert, but it is actually useless because sometimes I just can’t control myself, I mean, curiosity kills the cat. So I just stop using social media like Twitter, Weibo, as well as Wechat, in which spoilers are most active.” Said Yang.

So you can see, spoilers can either be an angel or a devil. They can increase your interests in a story by telling you the whole storyline or the highlights, but when they talk too much — it could destroy every suspense in a story as well.

Although many people have had enough of spoilers, it seems has no effect on spoilers. Every time a new movie or episode is released, spoilers are crowded into social media. Many of them will label the content as “spoiler alert” but actually it has no difference.

If you hate someone, tell him who is the murderer when he just began to watch a movie; tell him the guy he is worrying is going to die — that’s how we often talk about spoiler in joke. But why spoilers keep their own way even if others are really annoying them?

On the largest Q&A website in China (Zhihu), a psychologist (谢嘉) has answered the question.

“According to my analysis, spoilers have some general characters in common:
1. Strong desire of self-expression
The process of spoiling is a process of demonstration and expression. Spoilers use their own words and perspectives to describe a story to others in order to fulfill their strong desire of self-expression.
2. enjoying the feeling of superiority
‘I know what you don’t know and I’m going to tell you about it’— this is spoiler. Information richness could somehow bring people a feeling of superiority.
3. Self-centered
When spoiler become a habit, some spoilers still do it their own way even if others complain about them, which means they only care about their own pleasure and satisfaction that caused by spoiler, rather than others’ feeling.”

But I don’t think I have any of these characters, at least I don’t have the first two characters,” said Vivian, “I just want to share the plot and talk something about it with my friends, is this self-centered?”

As a frequent spoiler, Vivian also can put up with other spoilers.

“Some of my friends are also spoilers, we all crazy fans of the Game of Thrones and unlike many other fans, we like to spoil each other when a new episode released. We have a chat group named ‘GOT u crazy’, and most of our chatting is spoiling the latest episode of many TV dramas or movies, including the Game of Thrones.”

“I think the word ‘recommendation’ is more suitable than ‘spoiler’ for such chat.” Vivian then showed some of her chat with her ‘spoiler friends’.”

“Look, she just asked me to recommend a good movie for her; and then I recommended ‘Finding Mr. Right 2’, which tells a fantastic love story. And she asked me, ‘is it a happy ending or a bad one?’ After I told her it is a happy ending, she finally decided to see it with her boyfriend.”

Vivian believed that so-called spoilers can somehow keep people away from stories they don’t like.

“I know a lot of people don’t like us, but we are not that annoying, are we?”

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