The Happily Ever After Ending of a Custom-made Proposal Storybook

Bride-to-be Kaiying is a well-loved tutor — in the eyes of her students (whom she calls ‘her kids’), their parents, her fellow teaching colleagues, and employers.

Groom-to-be Kheng Wee knew that teaching was an integral part of Kaiying’s life, and thought it couldn’t get any sweeter for her to be proposed to in a venue with significant personal meaning — the classroom.

After enlisting a spy in Kaiying’s midst (their mutual friend), Kheng Wee got to know what a dream proposal would look like for her.

A memorable, thoughtful SURPRISE, surrounded by her close friends.

Kaiying believed that if Kheng Wee were ever to propose, it would be a notch up from decking a holiday suite in rose petals and champagne (which was what he did when asking her to be his girlfriend).

With expectations this clear, Kheng Wee started to feel the heat. He knew the surprise element had to be strong, one that would elicit a no-hesitation yes from Kaiying, and construct an unforgettable memory for life.

Kheng Wee approached Miraculove, a wedding stationer known for creating timeless keepsakes inspired by love stories, for ideas. Together, they conceptualised the plan to write and illustrate a bespoke Children’s Storybook that narrates their story and allows Kheng Wee to express his love, in the classroom setting.

Kheng Wee’s moniker is Kiwi, because it sounds like a cute version of his name. In the story, Miraculove personified Kheng Wee as a flightless Kiwi Bird, lost and insignificant in the big world until he met the Phoenix of his dreams who opened his eyes and took him on a flight to see the world.

The Flight of the Flightless Bird was conceived:

© Miraculove 2016
© Miraculove 2016
© Miraculove 2016
(Which was the true story. Kheng Wee met Kaiying at a casual group dinner with friends.) © Miraculove 2016
(Which was also true. Because Kheng Wee arrived late for the group dinner.) © Miraculove 2016
© Miraculove 2016
© Miraculove 2016
© Miraculove 2016
© Miraculove 2016
© Miraculove 2016

Under the guise of a media interview arranged between Kheng Wee and Kaiying’s employer, Kaiying was tasked to read the Flight of the Flightless Bird aloud to her students to be captured in a video shoot.

When she reached the final pages of the book, and a pre-recorded video played on cue with Kheng Wee saying, “Hi [my dear], I’m the flightless Kiwi Bird”, everything clicked and emotions took over.

With that… the Kiwi Bird and Phoenix lived happily ever after.

© Miraculove 2016

We got Kheng Wee to share his favourite moment from the proposal:

“The moment when she said yes of course! I prepared a carefully scripted video, having thought that it would ease the pre-proposal jitters many have warned me about. Yet, seeing her in tears still put me at a loss for words momentarily, before I managed to muster up the courage to ask the all-important question.

The moment when she said yes, was when I got excited that a whole new chapter of our lives has just begun (no longer just about the flightless bird anymore!). Being able to gift to my fiancée the promise of a lifetime on her birthday, witnessed by her close friends made it all the more beautiful.”

Credits to Kheng Wee and Kaiying for consenting to share your story. Credits to Majella’s Studio for the beautiful photos.
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