YUNO The Mission

Our mission is to take a step forward towards mental health using tools available and essential for everyday life to help teams improve their mental health through the revival of old science, utilizing of modern sciences, and consideration of modern lifestyles and environments — specifically, food.

In recent years surge in mental health problems has increased significantly — where deaths due to mental health isn’t a surprising topic anymore. Declining mental health has plagued our teams, our offices, and our schools, as well as us personally during our past. Over the last decades, mental health, specifically chronic mental health issues, that can be avoided through different lifestyle choices, is the leading cause of ballooning healthcare costs + decreasing employee productivity.

Currently, among employed adults, anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders are the most common mental health problems.

Efforts to increase both self-recognition of a need for treatment and the patient-centeredness of care more essential now than ever as employees may not bring up mental or emotional pain because of unwillingness to directly face emotional health problems, and the stigma associated with care seeking behaviors related to mental health in their workplace.

Explored as a cure to various illness and shifts in emotional stances throughout history and in our modern-day world, food, specifically herbs, spices, and various ingredients around the world, is the pillar stone to modern-day medicine. The underlying effect of food can and is being gradually explained through Phytonutrition and Psychology + Nutrition as they relate to the lens of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through YUNO, we have broken down the brain’s daily needs into six different components — each representing different needs of nutrients and neurotransmitters to act as tools for the brain to function for its optimal performance and to accommodate for the different sides of each person’s brain and the unique personalization and circumstances of each team member.

We say you know, or YUNO, the mission because it’s balancing your the brain-body systems doing the lifting, it just needs the tools.

To help curb this epidemic hurting our teams, and our community, we have created a package to help your team thrive through the symphonic interaction between the gut (second brain) and our brain — helping those YUNO thrive to their highest potential.

Our weekly packages are long-term and realize benefits and improvements through targets for your teams through personalized packages and are meant to give teams a baseline of meals right in the office to make sure they have a boost that truly helps them in the days that get busy and self is the first to go.

Reach out and let’s chat and see if YUNO we are the right fit for your team and book your teams’ packages.

YUNO Food to Heal — 2019