The importance of icons

100 basic icons for UI

Today I walked around my neighborhood to look for icons around me to do my assignment. When I was told to go out and look for icons and take photos of them, I thought, “Oh no! Where am I going to find them? It’s 90 degrees outside. It will take forever to do this.”

But as soon as I got out of my apartment and walked down the hallway to use the stairs, I immediately found this icon next to the door. Yay!

I’ve lived in this apartment for more than two years and I didn’t even notice it was there. I must have seen this icon when looking for the stairs after I first moved in. After that, bam! I now know where the stairs are, so I just walk down the hallway and open the door without a glance at the icon.

After I went downstairs to look for more icons. I found this sign sitting on the floor. Immediately I watched my step so as to not slip like the sign said and took a photo of it. I noticed my body reacted as soon as I saw this bright colored sign with a person falling before even reading the text that says “Wet floor”.

Our apartment complex is very accessible for people in wheelchairs. So I found this icon in many different places like the restroom and parking zones.

To look for more icons, I walked into the gym and took a photo of this icon. My eyes got caught on the person on this icon, who is very muscular and looks really into running. Compared to the other icons I found so far, it had much more detail on every part of the body.

Now that I am more aware of icons, I’m starting to see them everywhere. Since I live in a country where I am not a native speaker, I understand the importance of these icons. No matter where you are from or what your age is, you rely on icons every day. It is important to design them clearly so they can be universally understood.

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