InvArch Weekly Update - 01/07/2022

This is the first InvArch weekly update of the year 2022, and you know how we do it. I share the latest news on the project with you all. This year promises to be really exciting for the Project, fully packed with lots of events. There are lots of stuffs to discuss, so let’s get the ball rolling!


InvArch has been working on launching a new website for quite some time now and the good news is that, the website is about to be completed, what is left are some media contents to be appended to the website. The team has made some major adjustments and modifications to the old website and in the process, InvArch has simplified and organised the new one in order to easily explore all of the new and updated information to be made available on the site.

About the InvArch Testnet which is upcoming, this will be launched by the end of January 2022, but there is a possibility that the launch will not happen until mid-February, 2022. This is due to the dependence on the development progress of SmartIPs. SmartIPs are IPs owning, creating, and utilizing other IP Files & IP Sets. The potential they bring forth is amazing and exciting. All the information regarding SmartIPs will be relayed in the updated whitepaper.

Consequently, with all these recent developments and changes, a new roadmap will be released as well.
Also, on the $VARCH TGE, InvArch will be minting its token by utilizing the Statemint chain, a common-good Parachain on the Polkadot Relay. The issue here is that, the team behind InvArch is dependent on the team at Parity and the development of the Statemint chain and the Statemint chain is not permissionless just yet. Also, the InvArch team is directly in contact with the team at Parity for updates regarding the development status of the Statemint chain.

Another Interesting thing to note is the InvArch IP Module allocation which is highlighted in the whitepaper, having the $VARCH token native to Statemint will make fulfilling these allocations a no-brainer.

The updated InvArch whitepaper is also around the corner, anticipate!


On InvArch switching to Subsocial, the project will still be posting updates on Medium for some time before it bids farewell to the platform and migrate fully to Subsocial.

InvArch has created a Reddit account as part of the means to expand its social media presence. As you all know, Reddit is one of those top social media platforms where investors search for great projects like InvArch to invest in. InvArch is excited to be joining the platform and you can follow them for updates through the link:

InvArch will also be revising the Ambassador Program starting from this weekend. A new Ambassador Handbook is also in the works and announcement regarding the respective modifications will be made by the team.
The team will be rewarding the community with an NFT and now they have proposed something better, cooler and with utility. In place of the NFT, the team will now be airdropping limited editions of InvArch profile banners on Apart from these NFTs been set as each individual’s profile banner, they will also generate bonus rewards for their owners and this utility will be unlocked during the InvArch crowdloan.

InvArch is planning to set up a bot up in the official InvArch Discord where users will be able to swifly provide the Kusama wallet address linked to their Singular account. A link to the tutorial on how to set up RMRK’s Singular platform by the founder of RMRK and InvArch’s Technical Advisor, Bruno Škvorc below:

Lastly, you can also join the InvArch growing Discord community to get the latest gist on the project






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Explorer | Content Creator | Graphic Designer | Blockchain Geek

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