5 Enticing Eateries To Woo You With Restaurant Deals Of Delhi

We all LOVE food. We all HATE the sultry weather. So, the conclusion? Stop eating out? Not happening. I mean the summer mornings are thronged with excessive heat and the mercury of the weather is soaring high. Then what are the evenings for? The stressful office hours definitely calls for some relaxation. Be it the mindless tattle and giggles with mates, spending quality time with family or enjoying soundless silence with the Special one, the thought itself is refreshing. Just check out the next section for spending the summer evening you have been craving for with the restaurant deals of Delhi by Yup Card. Eat, enjoy and save.

· Spanish Hot Chocolate with Chocolateria San Churro deals- The name says it all! People with an immense love for chocolates shouldn’t give it a miss. The confectionery with the best desserts and bakery items, smeared in chocolate is a widely popular joint. Their Waffles, Churros and Chocolate Fondue are something worth dying for. Enjoy all the goodies with only Rs. 900 for two with the Yup Card Student deals and bask in the glory of chocolates. (Yummy!!)

· Live DJ, lamb kibbeh only at 3 Pegs Down — An exquisite place for Multi cuisine platter, refreshing drinks and Shisha. If not anything else, bet you are bound to fall in love with the plush décor and perfect ambience. Enjoy the hookah offers in Delhi by paying only Rs.935 INR for two and Cheers!!

· Delectable Chinese cuisine @ Yo! China — The one stop destination to satiate your Chinese craving. Yummy Dim sums, Momos and Chop Sueys only at Rs. 1,105 with the Yo! China deals by Yup Card. So, what’s the wait for?!!

· Savory Swawarma Roll only at Kennedy’s — The best takeaway food joint of Delhi. To grab a quick bite of Lemon Chilli Fish and Red Pasta Sauce at a cost effective rate, there is no other alternative. Try all the munchies with a INR of only Rs. 400 with the Kennedy’s Student deals by Yup Card. Now, shun the fear of giving a treat. Come one, come all and enjoy the daily deals online.

· Smoothie Factory deals for the health conscious crowd- After all the calorie intakes; it’s time for some healthy tit-bits. The place which provides you with amazing fresh fruit juice and health drinks, the inner décor is also breathtakingly beautiful with the colors matching with the fruits. Interesting, right?!! With the Yup Card student deals pay only Rs. 585 and get hold of your Mango Smoothie and multigrain Waffles.

So, done slurping?!! Also with this, try out the best restaurant deals in Delhi only at http://www.yupcard.com