What Waiters Think About Delhi Students, While They Chomp In

What Waiters Think About Delhi Students While They Chomp In, YupCard Delhi

Who isn’t selfish? Especially, when it comes to FOOD in Delhi? Whenever you push yourself through a polished glass-and-wood restaurant door, it’s all about what you order, how you behave, why you like the ambience and which is the most-savoured food item. No doubt, you always expect the best.

In the previous blog, we brought to you 7 less-popular but super hilarious Indian YouTube channels that would make Delhi students laugh out loud. So, hey Delhi.. hey Students.. Prick ears up and raise your eyes to know what the waiter with whom you interacted with the other evening thinks about you. Does he actually judge you by your action? Though he may deny.. but he does.

We, the quirky team at YUP Card, a super hip student discount card provider in Delhi and Kolkata have talked with few waiters, preferably known as servers about what they really make out of their guests.. And this is all they had to say (in quotes)..

Don’t be spendthrift, but be humble

“What kind of person you are to not give away at least 10% tip! Most of you out there don’t even realize that we, waiters live off the kindness of strangers. So, just be a little compassionate.”

What’s the harm in smiling a li’l

“Not always, but smile often. A smile doesn’t hurt, after all. It’s a huge turnoff to see a family of 4 looking at me grievously, while I take their appetizer order gleefully.”

First or last, doesn’t matter

“Please, don’t argue over the bill. I simply don’t care who is the one paying as long as you are paying. Wanna club? Thumbs up.”

Why walk up to the manager

“I hate it when customers don’t get anything to complain about till ‘ping’ — it’s the billing time. Iterating pet peeves after the bill arrives, makes the whole thing worse. As it becomes too late to try, and fix any issues.”

Children are a gift from god but not their shit

“For maintaining sanitary standards, don’t change your baby’s shit-wrapped diapers on the dinner table. We all know, children don’t poop all things beautiful and their dropping is awfully unsanitary.”

The clock is ticking: time is precious

“See dude, if you are not ready to order just tell me on the face, I will come later. What is the logic behind making me wait for 5 minutes while you behave as if you are about to make a decision! I understand it takes time to decide, so be courteous. A less is not more.”

Don’t leave them on edge

“Leaving the cellphone on the table is never a good idea. It intimidates me to think if I spill something on it. Then what?”

Be considerate be humane

“While I perspire in sweat and confusion by holding steaming hot plates, you fight over whether you ordered ‘derp burger’ or ‘zinger burger’. What can be more excruciating? Take a note, we are servers not servants.”

Why let’em hate you

“Interrupting while we are introducing ourselves is bad, in fact very bad. It makes us hate you for the rest of your meal. Just think, how will you feel — “Hi, my name is P..” “Can I get a glass of water?” Grrrrrrr…”

No snapping

“Snapping fingers at waiters is the worst you can DO to demean our profession and us. In a country where Food is worshipped, how can you insult the person who brings the food to you?!”

Give respect earn respect!

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