Welcome to your kitchen

Essential know-how, basic tools and recipes to get you cooking

The world of culinary adventure is a wide open door. With all the gadgets, professional tools and aspirational techniques though, it can be quite daunting. But the day you can lay a plate in front of a friend with a serving of your own creation and say, ‘bon appétit’, that’s a feeling we believe is worth the effort. Cooking good food for yourself, and later for others, is an immeasurable skill, a brave move toward self empowerment and a fulfilling act of kindness and generosity that is so easily learnt.

And yes, we know cooking isn’t a new thing. But maybe it’s new to you? And, for us, that’s enough.

We’d like to welcome you to our first edition of Chapters, a collection of all the know-how, tools, recipes and articles we hope will catapult you into getting acquainted with your kitchen and help you to discover a deep love of cooking at home.

Be brave, taste everything and don’t forget your apron.

Start at the beginning with the basic tools and skills.

And in case you were wondering what to do about those onion tears?

The food-related urban legends that granny used to throw about sneak into many a kitchen conversation. We decided to seek the truth behind the more plausible ones because, let’s face it, you definitely don’t grow rabbit ears from eating while lying down. Here’s us testing the myth about using a teaspoon to ward off onion tears.

Next, master some easy recipes

With the versatility of omelettes, a stir fry and the beauty that is the homemade burger in your beginner’s cooking repertoire, you can happily cook for one or many and use these as quick weeknight meals or as great weekend breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Experiment. Swap flavours and adjust ingredients — it’s your food journey. Make it a tasty one.

If you’re still feeling nervous about approaching your chopping board and knife with gusto, ease into cooking at home with one of our Online Cooking Courses and stay tuned for the next Chapter on recipes, tips and techniques.

If you come across any food conundrums on your culinary journey, ask on our forum. There’s a whole community of people, learning to cook and sharing what they know.

Bon appétit.

By Andrèa Fedder.

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