The Disbursements From Within

Yes we know college tuition is expensive and increasing. As a Student it may seem hard to believe the school needs more money when tuition is at an all time high. Our money is used by the school to pay many things and cover expenses. Students often feel as if their money is being miss-used. Even though students receive documents showing where the money was spent. I always hear the question, where does our money go? Students in general have problems trusting the university and wondering how is our money ebing spent.

A lot of questions arose last week when at SF State President Leslie Wong announced that College of Ethnic Studies would have budget cuts. Ultimately leading to the end of many jobs and crippling the college itself. The College of ethnic studies was in jeopardy of cutting fifty percent of its courses and forty percent of its staff. The graduate program might of also have been completely eliminated. After a lot of commotion and a quick response from the students against the president, the feud calmed.

People depicted this issue differently. Some stood up for the college of Ethnic studies, others called for the end of it. I was more interested in the money. The University was short on money, there for could not give as much to the college. While at the same time the school is building the new Mashouf Wellness Center, an estimated 82 million dollar project. 10 million was donated by Manny Mashouf himself. Rest is student funded and “private funds”. Those private funds can very easily only be the 10 million from Mashouf.

Tuition is used to pay for the schools, health facilities, instructionally athletic and general fees, student body, health services and still tuition itself. I do not know what instructionally athletic and instructionally general fees are but those are the categories that use the most of the students money right next to tuition. Behaviors like these are why students are frustrated. The university does not seem to use the money wisely and spend it on education.

Some of the school faculty use students tuition as spending spree. For example, the chancellors office for long beach carelessly used taxpayer money. They spent large amounts on catered food and fancy restaurants. in one year the meals added up to 110,000 dollars. That would estimate to tuition for 18 students and more classes available. Some bills for restaurants would go up to 850 dollars. Another example showing how funds are used also go back to university officials. More than 2 million dollars have been spent on renovating homes for university officials within the last ten years. This means expanding homes, hiring professionals, renovating areas.

The question of how efficiently our money being used, is more significant. There could be plenty of ways the 82 million dollars could have been used. Professor and instructors specifically are underpaid. The symptoms of the careless spending are hard to keep covered. The reason this is interesting is because the school does not seem to manage the money well. Even though tuition goes up. Not only has careless mistakes have been made, but the full problem is not exposed. People fail to see how the universities are operating from within. After all most are public and paid by students, families and regular people that pay taxes.