We all have some secrets

Why we want the keys to your kingdom

We reveal what we do with all the code we review and week 13 metrics

Week 13 cumulative numbers for Bliss: revenue — $1,538; cash in bank — $0; sign-ups — 790; paying customers — 45

Every day we receive at least one Tweet or email from someone that has interest in trying Bliss, but is freaked out that we require read/write access on GitHub or Bitbucket.

I get it… I mean, who is Bliss anyways? We’ve only been around for 3 months. There’s no press coverage, no TechCrunch article, no Facebook page, and our LinkedIn profile only has 5 followers.

Why would anyone just hand over all their code?!?

Let me try to lay it out and answer your FAQ’s!

Why does Bliss need read/write access to your code?

Because there is no other option for us, through the GitHub or Bitbucket authentication options (oAuth scopes), to review private repositories.

It’s that straight forward.

If we had another option with less permissions, where we could still review your code, we’d use it. Unfortunately, there’s no other way for us to provide the feedback we do without gaining read/write access.

What does Bliss do with your code once we have access to it?

We use static analysis tools, which check your application for code errors and warnings. This development tool is essential in ensuring your code remains clean and consistent.

The end result is a dashboard that highlights, week-over-week analysis of lines of code and technical debt.

After the metrics are calculated (large repositories take up to 3 hours) we throw away your code. The same day you authorized Bliss to review your project, it is discarded.

We do not keep a copy of your code.

So there you have it. That’s the secret (and reasoning) to our production. There’s no magical man behind the curtain — it’s just Ian and I working hard to provide an easy way to track code quality!

One additional fun fact…

As mentioned in the week 11 blog, we’ve started to focus on enterprise sales. With that, Bliss is now deployable behind a firewall on a private cloud, which can be an option (via a deploy key) for startups looking for extra security!

Interested in learning more about Bliss Enterprise, hit me up directly @ brian@founderbliss.com or Tweet us @bliss_sf.