PTE is not the Toughest Test or the End of the World!

PTE is Pearson Tests for English and used for many countries, especially in Australia and New Zealand. The three-hour long test focuses on four different aspects of languages testing abilities. In my 10+ years of experience of teaching and training students for PTE in Ahmedabad, I observed a lot of things that the students have wrongly interpreted all this while. Firstly, PTE is not the end of the world or rocket science. It is just a test that requires dedicated preparation depending on your excellence and flair for the language.

PTE includes Speaking and Writing (always appearing together), Listening and Reading. One of my students from PTE classes in Ahmedabad was appearing for the seventh time not because he was flunking it consistently, but he wanted better grades which he had decided for. When he had started, he could barely manage an average 45 or 50. With time, he grew better and started following a proper schedule to maintain his improvement graph at an all-time high.

Maintaining a schedule is important if you wish to outdo yourself. Even if you’re at an advanced level in English language, using it effectively may be a task. Some students with decent command over the language fail to take instructions, process it, interpret it and respond. This happens not due to lack of preparation but due to factors like anxiety, stress, lack of attention and rarely due to over-confidence.

Things You Need to do to Ensure Good Results in PTE

Read. Just Sit Down and Read!

I know this one is hard, but you have to do the ugly job of sitting down, picking a book and getting lost in it. Read as much as you can. Don’t rely on social media for great content. Nearly 95% of stuff posted on social media is pathetically incorrect and misleading.

Write What You Can!

Write what’s on your mind. It can be about the book/article you read, about your day, about your experiences. But finding the motivation to do so will be quite tough. But writing will help you improve your vocabulary, increase speed and be more proficient.

Listen and Respond

Listen closely to different accents and lingos you can find in English. Go surf an English News channel, watch movies, listen to English songs. But whenever you feel an impulse to respond, do so, loudly and be articulate. This will help you when you are going to speak in front of the examiner.