Response: Thank you for your message Yura Polonskiy on my post…
Semi Koen

Hi Semi. Thank you for the response.

From what you wrote :

People who spent 4 years trying to understand how OS concepts works, learnt all those in context of Linux. Am i right ? How all they learnt in Linux OS context during those 4 years helping them in daily work on Windows ? How they debug/monitoring/exploring closed source based OS ?

The exception is maybe in context of .net core, but there are so few…

How c# developers debugging/working with the servers ? using windows console ? how you do in windows console trivial linux action like

sudo kill -9 `ps -eo pid,command | grep “python” | grep -v grep | awk ‘{print $1}'`

My major point is that programming language is just a part in software engineers’s toolbox, and C# by nature of Microsoft damaging that toolbox hardly for years.