Let’s go over how the internet radicalized “manhood” in the mid 00’s, how that has come back 15 years later, and how it follows the cigarette marketing playbook that has shaped culture since the 1930's.

The struggles behind the 9–5. What it means when something that used to stable becomes unfamiliar and weird.

From 90’s Bronx fashion, to corn in the 30’s, to the modern interview guide. This is about the power in deviating from the manual.

Protestors adding on “Defund the Police” to the city-sponsored “Black Lives Matter” mural in Washington D.C.

Direct action is better than cultural appropriation. Scroll to the bottom for resources.

  1. Where did you come from?
  2. What did you learn?
  3. Where are you going?

We are at the crux of “disruptive technology” and “the new normal.” How do we make sure that people are ready?

This literary term pops up often in the design world but is rarely understood and often overlooked. That said it might just be the best tool for good design.

Image Credit: National Institute on Drug Abuse

What can we learn from the Iraq War about fighting COVID-19? One thing is that we are bad at learning.

Yuri Zaitsev

Is an ethnographer and designer who studies how people hold onto a quickly spinning world.

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