How is it going?

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

Many of my friends asked me how does it feel for being away from home. Being a new freshman again in another uni. Well i guess the only sentence that fits in is “it is just how it is”.

I mean I’m doing great, i have a lot of nice friends here and cool things to share, my roommates not really a kind of the annoying one and i passed this two semesters with a good grade.

One told me that of course i could make it well cause i do the thing that i like.

Well men actually, I don’t really think what i am doing now is what exactly i really love or want. I just think this is what i have to through it well. I have no other choice, we have no other choice, so just make this count.

Unless you have a plan to make your other choices so you can pick one and deal with it.

I struggled before and i’ll struggle again later. This is how it is, i just have to survive again. I just have to survive a thousand times again.

I’ll be good or not. I’ll be graduate or not. I’ll find my own job or not. Just like Head & Tail with nothing in between.

This is just how it is. I have to make this count or not at all.