You know how you sign up for a service (OnStar, TrainingPeaks, what-not) and they add you to a mailing list and send you marketing and/or “inspirational” emails.

Well, I’ve got tired of bunch irrelevant mails all over my inbox and I registered new email and updated my all often-used apps to use the new address. I quickly learned that email in a profile is not the same as email in a mailing list. They kept sending me marketing stuff to my old address. I started unsubscribing from a bunch of mail lists and found quite a variety of ways how different companies manage their mailing lists and unsubscribing procedures. Services like MailChimp or SendGrid do that with one click: you follow the link, you’re done. Other ask to click on button to confirm the removal from a mailing list. And the worst was Chevrolet.

I followed link “unsubscribe” and found myself on a page with a form and a lot of text. My first reaction was that I already unsubscribed: all the checkboxes were off. And I also thought that text was legal mumbo-jumbo. Then I read form again and was puzzled as I didn’t understand if it was “managing subscription” form (i.e. checkbox off=no mail) or if it was “unsubscribing” form (i.e. checkbox on=no mail). I read form one more time, it didn’t help. Only when I read that whole mumbo-jumbo, I figured how to use the form.

I hope you learn from GM mistakes and will use MailChimp/SendGrid instead of making your own masterpiece of horrible designs.