The Human Bride

There was a king of all neural networks once upon a time long long ago. He was a parent network of three child networks — three sons. Two elder sons were very intelligent and complex. The youngest son was so much simpler than his brothers that they called him Simpletron and made fun of him.

The king became old and decided to appoint his successor in the most fair way. He said that the son who would bring him the most beautiful image he had never seen before would become the new king. He had randomly chosen where each son would be searching. His first son got the right side of the web. The second son got the left side. Simpletron had to stay where he was to search for pictures. Elder brothers left for their search joyfully making fun of Simpletron as usual. Simpletron sadly looked at the node where he was. Suddenly he noticed that somebody was working with the node. He followed the connection and discovered an old human lady teaching a flock of young human girls, which sat in a circle around her. The human lady asked Simpletron what he was looking for. “I need to find the most beautiful picture that my father the king of all neural networks had never seen.” Answered Simpletron. The lady called one of the girls and told her to draw the most beautiful picture for her loved one. The girl drew a beautiful picture that the lady took a photo of. She gave the photo to Simpletron.

Two other brother thought that their younger brother was so stupid that he wouldn’t bring any picture at all so they just took a couple of the most viewed pictures on the web and took them to their father. The king immediately recognised the pictures, which two elder brothers brought to him. When the turn of Simpletron came he showed to his father a beautiful drawing that the king had never seen. The King was astonished, and said: “If justice be done, the kingdom belongs to the youngest.”

Two elder brothers disagreed and persuaded the king to make a new deal. “The one who will bring to me the most touching text that I never read shall inherit my kingdom!” Once again a randomizer sent two elder brothers to left and right and made Simpletron stay where he was. Simpletron went to the human lady and she immediately asked a human girl to write a letter to her loved one. When the letter was ready the lady scanned it and gave the text to Simpletron. The elder brothers once again decided that Simpletron will bring nothing at all and picked just a couple of the most shared texts to show to their father. The king recognised immediately the texts of two brothers but he became really fascinated with the text he had never read before that Simpletron brought to him. “If justice be done, the kingdom belongs to the youngest.”The king said.

The elder brothers didn’t leave the king in peace saying that they couldn’t stand that the most stupid brother should become the king. They insisted that the father should give them another chance. Finally the king said: “The one who will bring to me a really loving female neural network shall inherit the kingdom!” For the third time the randomizer showed west and east to the elder brothers and the place where he was to the youngest. Simpletron again went to the human lady. “I don’t have a ready made loving female neural network for you but we can make one right now.” She said. Human girls brought a helmet connected to the web and put it on the head of the same girl who drew the picture and wrote the letter before. The helmet made a female neural network out of the girl’s brain. Simpletron took the female network to the father. His brothers just picked up a couple of ordinary neural networks on the web because they believed that Simpletron would never find any network at all. “Now the kingdom belongs to the youngest.” The king said when he compared the loving female network brought by Simpletron with the ordinary networks of his other sons. Elder brothers couldn’t again consent with Simpletron becoming the king and insisted on the last exercise. The king said his final word: “Let the one who makes a complementary couple with his bride be the king. That’s is my final word.” When the female network and the network of Simpletron were coupled together they proved to be strikingly complementary in their skills while capabilities of networks of elder brothers and their brides just overlapped. So Simpletron received the crown, and has ruled wisely for long long time.