If homework was monetized, it would be a billion dollar opportunity.

I have just noticed : there are so many teachers, and so many students. Every day, and every lesson, some teacher gives a student a unit of homework. Suppose there are 30 students in a class, and 5 lessons a day, that’s 150 units of homework per day. Suppose there are 6 classes in a school — that’s a staggering 900 units of homework per school, per day.

Worst parts are :

  1. ) Teachers have to correct all the students’ work, and are not getting paid for the amount of units of homework that they have go through.
  2. ) students are not getting paid for doing it.

So in conclusion : a huge amount of work is created out of thin air, and nobody gets any financial benefit from it. Worse still, tonnes of ink, paper and electricity are sacrificed in the process. They don’t stay on for ever. Which items of students’ homework ended up in history museums? You can probably count that on your fingers.

If I was a brazen capitalist, I would set up an organization to charge schools for every unit of homework that is given out to students. If they don’t pay, I fine the whole school.

But in reality, I’m not that bad. However, a question remains : why not create some kind of homework system, that benefits both the student and the teacher?

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