How I got a job at a tech company
Benny Giang

Thanks for the helpful article. It really gave me some tips to improve the human interaction side of my own job search, so to speak ;)

It’s actually possible to get a job in Vancouver through a recruitment agency in two weeks or even less, if you have highly marketable tech skills like QA engineer, software developer, etc… and won’t mind about which company you will work for. However, that path has it’s own risks. It was tempting for me but I quickly realised the pitfalls after talking to one recruiter.

I think the time it takes to get hired also depends on the month of a year. For example, around January, it’s a new year and everyone is trying to grow and take on new staff. Maybe the key to your success was that you have applied at the right month for one particular company?

I would also like to know if some small and medium-sized companies advertise jobs just to get engagement, rather than to hire. 30 interviews after 400 applications is a bit low, so I wonder if companies are taking advantage of hungry jobseekers to boost their visits and get people interested. After all, I have actually reviewed a company site after looking at some job posts, so I could tailor my cover letter to them. My visit was definitely tracked on their Google Analytics!

Btw, I’m in Vancouver myself.

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